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Our group boasts a combined over 40 years of experience in multiple marketing disciplines that encompass:

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About Alux Digital: Formed to leverage the talents of a group of proven digital marketing professionals, Alux Digital Marketing is focused on driving qualified traffic to your business or practice.  In addition to one-time optimization, audits and copy services, Alux is dedicated to delivering strategic and comprehensive digital marketing plans, and maintenance programs with measurable results.

With an emphasis on bringing creativity and new ideas to established best practices, our daily aim is to provide you with great service, a positive outcome, and a true partner as your business grows. We choose positivity, empathy, and true interest in your success—and we endeavor to be pretty fun to work with too!

Why Alux?

In Maya Culture the Alux, (pronounced “ah-loosh”), is a sprite or spirit guardian of the jungle, caves, and other important places in the wild. They may be small but Aluxob are sassy and creative protectors… with an affection for a bit of mischief.

The Alux has the eyes of an owl, in order to remain alert despite the darkness. His heart is a combination of jaguar and dove, enabling him to be both fearless and tender. In his mouth, the Alux has the gift of all animal voices animals, which allows him to communicate with everyone, regardless of size, language or background.

We are Alux

We are Alux – the sassy, intelligent, and fiercely protective team, focused on your digital dominance!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Meghan as a client and as a manager … She is dedicated, detail oriented and results driven. Meghan approaches each assignment as a challenge and pushes to deliver more than what was requested or required. I highly recommend!

Frank Goldoni, Founder & COO, Trade Service

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