Business in the Days of Covid-19

Meghan Wier - Alux Digital

I did not intend to write this first blog post about Coronavirus. Originally I thought I would wait until it was over (it does not look that that will happen anytime soon). Then I figured, maybe I would ignore it the fact that the world is IN a global pandemic…. but that does not seem particularly authentic. That is what is happening.

Frankly, the more we live in this new reality, it is clear that even once the virus is mitigated, we will live with the ramifications the rest of our lives. This time… this two months, 6 months, or more…. will have an unalterable imprint on how we live our lives, and how business will be done from now on.

As an avid and experienced remote worker, the logistical aspect of working-from-home has not been a challenge. My colleagues and I all have home-offices and we are dispersed around the globe. In fact, we work from several different countries and environments, and do so rather seamlessly. But of course this did not happen overnight. We all learned how to best manage our time in a non-traditional-office structure, we learned to deal with the time-zones and the software for conference calls and chats and all that comes with being “virtual”.

To be honest, I am not sure how people who thrive on the hustle-and-bustle of the traditional office have adjusted so quickly. It has taken years for me to find just the right home-office-environment to be most productive. Yet… humans evolve…and history has shown us that in times of stress, that evolution often happens remarkably quickly. For many, it may be difficult to get them back into the office! I personally find that I am happier in my own space, in the natural light, minus the drama, and the politics that often define the “office.”

Of course, there will be plenty who will be dancing their ways back into the office too! Home-working is just not for everyone. It can be hard… especially right now while we share our workspaces with our children and spouses and pets–all of whom are a little more stressed than usual!

While I can’t tell you what business will look like after Covid-19, I can tell you, that, at least at Alux, things are the same, if not better right now. We have had our hiccups the first couple weeks while trying to figure out e-learning for our children, and sharing bandwidth with our house-mates, but this unfortunate and sad time has also come with valuable lessons. Family and friends are incredibly important. Staying connected is important. Helping others is important. And normalcy is important.

At Alux, we continue to do SEO and SEM, we are building websites. And we are listening to our clients. We have had to shift strategies for several of our clients whose practices are shut down right now. We have put some projects on hold. But we have also used this time to pause and think about who we want to be when we emerge from this. We want our clients to do the same. Will you run your business the same way as you did pre-Covid? Or have you had an epiphany? Or change of focus?

Have you determined that you need a better contingency plan? Or maybe you have shifted your product or service offering to meet the needs of your clients, or patients or community? Maybe this shift has changed your mission or vision. Now IS the time to talk. Business in the days of Covid-19 should be about the future. Let’s talk about business growth, and business sustainability ideas right now. Let’s connect and brainstorm.

Let’s use this pause… to be better.

– Meg

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