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Resumes in the Digital Age

Resume Writing: Having and up-to-date resume is good practice, no matter your current job status. Learn more about our Resume Writing service and why looking at resume writing from a digital marketing perspective is so important.

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Why Does a Digital Marketing Company Provide Resume Services?

The hiring process has evolved in the digital age. Many companies now run potential candidate’s resumes through a computer algorithm before even looking at them. This algorithm is looking for keywords and phrases that match up your experience with what the job is seeking.

So What is the Process?

  • We will take whatever resume you currently have and review.

  • A short interview will be conducted: We will learn about you on your career goals, current and past positions and any questions we have on your experience.

  • Next, we will look at the job and/or job title for which you would like to apply.

  • Your potential job will be researched for the keyphrases, skills, experience, and other information needed in order to match you as a candidate.

  • Your resume will be reformatted in the best way to get the attention of the current algorithms.

  • The information that is missing from your resume, will be added, including your current job information, accomplishments, descriptions, etc.

  • Your resume will be run through a “checker” which will allow us to se how closely you are a match for the job you are seeking.

  • Using the information from the checker, we will know if the job you are seeking is a good match for you, and make adjustments to give you a better chance, or we can give you alternate options, based on your skills and experience, for which you rank highly.

Are you interested in learning more?

Our digital resume package starts at just $75. Email today with your current resume and the job links that interest you.

Resumes are usually finished with 5 business days!