The Evolution of Marketing

A Q & A with Erin Lewis

What is your role at your company?
I am a CEO for a startup as well as a CFO for several small companies….also chief cook and bottle-washer and trash taker-outer as necessary.

What does your day-to-day job function look like?
In regards to my role within the startup, I am currently bringing customers into our Beta testing, increasing our funding, and hiring like mad for the critical roles to support the business once we go public.

What do you think the biggest challenge has been?
In my market, there is a great need around information flows, but few really good solutions.  We have a comprehensive solution, but getting folks to buy-in to that is difficult because of the level of distrust in the industry.  No one way of communicating with potential customers is enough.

Is digital marketing important to your company?
Digital marketing is our best strategy when it comes to building our value-story over time, which makes it more authentic and sticky.  It also is a key component within our platform, which sells consumer products.  When you can use the power of tiktok and instagram contributions right along-side the branded messaging, consumers feel really connected to the products and the community of people who use those products. This is the evolution of marketing in today’s world.

Having a combination of branded video, well written descriptions that blend with have the appropriate key words and details pulled from other sites as necessary, so users don’t have to leave our site, all contribute to the products on our site getting more attention online, and that translates directly to sales.  

What tips do you have for people in similar roles?
Yes, you need to do it, but not all at once.  Your messaging needs to be more than a moment- it’s a story, because stories stick.  Find ways to connect emotion with your messaging and if possible, personalized to each consumer or consumer group.  This is hard and having the right people on your team who use color, sound, word choice, etc. is not optional- it’s critical.  You may know your product best, but they will know how to make others pay attention to it.

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