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Why this is the best time to create quality website content.

Alux Digital Marketing: Quality Content

From a search engine optimization standpoint–there is no bad time to create quality content. In fact, successful websites always have fresh content. However, sitting down and writing is not always easy for a lot of people, it is time consuming–and we are all extremely busy!

While there are a few amazing business-people with great discipline who make it a practice to write daily, the truth is, the vast majority of small to mid-size business owners and executives do not have the time to sit down each day and write much of anything… let alone quality content!

Except… maybe you do now.

Since the world began dealing with Covid-19 (Coronavirus), we have all had to adjust our businesses, our schedules, our perspectives. Day-by-day, our lives are evolving in a ways we could not have imagined even a week or two ago.

To be honest, the first week after Covid-forced social distancing/shut-down was really great to catch up on some Netflix. Maybe the second week was good for finishing a project that has been lingering around the house. For many of us, managing children and their schooling has been an added complication. But now–hopefully– we have hit a stride with that and we have begun asking:

So, now what??

The answer: I am going to challenge you to write.

HOW TO GET STARTED: (The math of content-writing)

As a writer myself, (and an SEO enthusiast), I find great value in starting a writing project with a list of keywords. Think of it as “what do you want to rank well for?” For me, I like to be high on the search engines for keyphrases such as “digital marketing” and “website designer” as examples. From there I would put together some topics: “digital marketing basics,” “digital marketing for dentists,” “Is now the best time to hire a website designer?”

I am a goal-oriented person–and I like a plan. So I begin by identifying 5 keyphrases, and then write 2 blogs/articles/pages on each. That would give me 10 pieces of writing to produce and a structure to build off-of.

Then the trick to to just get started. Once you have your drafts, you can share them with other people for their feedback, and you can do the editing process. If you are an Alux Digital client, these drafts are usually all we need–and we will have our content creators polish them up, and get them scheduled for publication on your site with the appropriate promotion through social media, and the best onsite SEO.

At the end of the day… at the end of this “pause“–there is no such thing as too much content. You need it quality content now to maintain high rankings on the search engines, and you will need quality content later to promote your business.

Now is the best time to think strategically, to write and curate great content, and to make the improvements in your business processes and promotion that you have wanted to make but never had the time!

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